Some must-do activities, places to go, and best Paris restaurants

Paris really is the most romantic city on earth…unless you’re like us, and you’re elbowing your way through the crowds on the Champs-Élysées to get your hands on those delicious macarons from Ladurée before they run out. Or if your getting food poisoning from a quiche loraine in the Tuileries Gardens next to the Lourve. Yeah, that happened. A foodie’s first trip to Paris, with all the best Paris restaurants, and I get a 24-hour stomach bug. Talk about an Alanis Morissette “Isn’t it Ironic” moment!

No really, Paris is magical. The Eiffel Tower lit up at night, the rich history of Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. You can’t help but take it all in and fall in love with someone or something.

We definitely recommend you taking a cooking class if you have the time and walking as much as possible.

Our posts in no particular order

  • And then there was Paris…

    I’ve been dreaming of Paris for as long as I can remember. The most romantic city on earth, where people walk around with baguettes coming out of their ears and bricks of stinky cheeses in their back pockets. On top of that, add a few of the best art museums in the world, and of course Jonathan and I, and voila! Gay Parrhee Upon exiting the Gare du Nord train station we were thrown immediately into the hustle and bustle of Paris city life. Neon lights signaling sex shops, tabacs, pharmacies, and cafés or brasseries illuminated my sensory overload. Homeless men […]
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  • Well Hello Paris!

    It doesn’t take long before you too will have joined the ranks of billions of people around the world who have traveled to Paris, only to find themselves surprised at their willingness to agree that it is indeed the most romantic city on earth. This being the case for everyone except one…and that’s the poor schmuck who got stuck behind me on our Notre Dame Cathedral tour. Yep, that’s right. Somewhere around step 277 of 400 in that cramped and musty spiral staircase to the top, I lost control of my clench and let one rip. HARUMPH! It just flew […]
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  • Eats Pork Spew!

    Second full day in Paris and I still felt like I was walking around in a live action version of Pixar’s Ratatouille. There really is a “stereotype” to the way some French people look and I’m guessing that’s probably because the French are so proud to be French that they only marry other French people. The cross-pollination that’s been taking place for decades in the US is still just being accepted in France. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against patriotism and the pride of a nation, association, or group, but you’d think having giant eyebrows like Persian […]
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  • Cooking Class in Paris-A must do activity

    Of all the things to do in Paris, there were two I was determined to do: sing One Day More as Cosette while peddling for money on a bridge over the Seine and wait for someone to join in as Jean Valjean, and immerse myself in French cuisine. It’s the later that I was able to accomplish without getting arrested for pedophilia, and in a less conventional way than one might think. Yep we took a cooking class! The fantastic idea came from Jonathan’s mother who’d thought it would be a good belated birthday gift and early Hanukkah present for […]
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  • Paris cooking class…part deux

    The Best Cooking Classes in Paris See previous post for our trip to the farmers market with La Cuisine Paris cooking school. *disclaimer: sorry folks, but I didn’t take as many photos of the food as I would have liked since my hands were full. If you need more specific quantities, baking times, or temperatures, leave a comment and I’ll track the info down from the cooking school. After all, it was one of the best cooking classes in Paris! Once in the kitchen Julie became quite the task master and channeled her assembly line days in a 3 Michelin […]
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  • L’as Du Fallafel (they spell it with three L’s…who knew!)

    There are only three bits of French you need to learn before going to Paris….maybe four if you’re planning on taking pictures and want to be respectful of your subjects. *This is how to say them phonetically (aka like a tourist)….this is NOT the correct spelling. 1.) “Cam-bee-on?”= How much? 2.) “je voodray un vare du van rooj see-voo-play.”= I’d like a glass of red wine please. 3.) “Es ku je pooh prond un foto?”= Can I take a photo? And possibly the most important line to memorize… 4.) “ooh est la falafel restaurant?” = Where is the falafel restaurant? […]
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  • Whale foreskin or omelet…thanks Ina!

    Omelets at Café Flore, Paris….DON’T DO IT! With our train leaving for London in just a few hours, I grasped onto the handrails of Paris with white knuckles reluctant to let go. As I’d expected, my inaugural trip to France was too short, and with my 24-hour stomach bug eliminating three meals from my wish list “places I must eat,” I desperately wanted to squeeze one last breakfast in before we left. As a diehard Ina Garten fan, I so desperately wanted to experience some of Paris like she and her husband Jeffrey did on any one of their many […]
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