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  1. Sim Harvey
    Sim Harvey at |

    A proper omelet is runny inside, no color (brown) and with little seasoning…

    1. Eatsporkjew.com
      Eatsporkjew.com at |

      You are absolutely right! But this was just a little too runny for my taste…and I guess too brown in places too. Just goes to show, any time something is over-hyped there’s a greater chance for disappointment.

      Can you recommend a better omelet for me to try?

  2. EatsPorkJew - Spruce Restaurant
    EatsPorkJew - Spruce Restaurant at |

    […] French omelet, parmesan broth, braised greens, brie l’original. The egg was perfectly light and fluffy just like everyone said it would be. The parmesan broth was nutty and salty. With a knife and fork, we each sliced through the brie and egg before scooping up some of the greens in broth. It’s definitely the best omelet I’ve had….ever! Unlike the omelet we had in Paris.  […]