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    […] Hello World […]

  2. Baby Naming’s Never Been So Complicated | eatsporkjew

    […] Hello World! […]

  3. But Grandma! I’m a Vegetarian | eatsporkjew

    […] Hello World! State Bird Provisions […]

  4. EatsPorkJew - Best Restaurant in New Orleans

    […] how it is in San Francisco when awards of culinary merit are doled out. We were lucky getting into State Bird Provisions in San Francisco before Bon Appetit named it the best new restaurant in America, and ever since it’s been packed […]

  5. EatsPorkJew - The Lazy Bear Dining Experience San Francisco

    […] small plates packed with huge flavors; I’d liken it to Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski’s State Bird Provisions. Only the personality of Lazy Bear’s creator, Chef David Barzelay is little more hipster, a […]

  6. EatsPorkJew - Dinner at the Progress SF
    EatsPorkJew - Dinner at the Progress SF at |

    […] Progress is the sister restaurant to Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski the masterminds behind State Bird Provisions which happens to be next door too. Where State Bird Provisions is known for their small plates […]