1. Gaye Barnes
    Gaye Barnes at |

    Yum…Your version looks delicious. You’ll have to cook it for me sometime. I’ve cooked Paella many times and I learned some new things from reading your recipe. Didn’t you have it at my house a few years ago when Aaron and I made it together? Paella is one of my most favorite dishes. I made it for the very first time for your great grandfather Phillip Rothman to impress him. I not only impressed him, but I impressed myself!

    1. Eatsporkjew.com
      Eatsporkjew.com at |

      I think we did make it that one time with Aaron. You were teaching him how to impress a girl if I remember correctly.

      Yeah, it’s an impressive dish that, once you’ve made it, you realize isn’t as difficult as you might think.