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  1. Farro- The Grain Revolution Begins | eatsporkjew

    […] Check out our previous post titled A Slutty Dad & the Best Cheesecake in New York […]

  2. Take that New York! | eatsporkjew
    Take that New York! | eatsporkjew at |

    […] goods—specifically pizza and bagels– are as good as they are. But no matter how amazing New York cheesecake is (best in the world!), I can’t stop defending the glory of California’s […]

  3. A Pie-Deprived Childhood | eatsporkjew
    A Pie-Deprived Childhood | eatsporkjew at |

    […] devoid of pie. Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of desserts around, just not pies. We enjoyed New York style cheesecakes, éclairs, napoleons, cream puffs, coffee cakes, chocolate brownies, rugelach, ice cream, cookies, […]

  4. The Coffee Cake You Bring to a Wake | eatsporkjew

    […] A Slutty Dad & the Best Cheesecake in New York […]

  5. We Almost Broke Up in the Middle of a Lowe’s - Eatsporkjew

    […] have to waste a Baby Ruth from my canteen in order for it to happen. Or the time I bit into that D’Aiuto’s Baby Wattson plain New York Style cheesecake in the shop next door eventhough the bakery was closed for renovations. Most of them happen to […]