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Awesome Hong Kong Restaurants

At the end of a family trip to Thailand we stopped for a few days in Hong Kong on our way back to US. We had some amazing food, connected with some old friends, ordered some new tailored-to-fit clothing, and got to know a city that’s a lot like San Francisco; only way more Chinese!

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  • Well Hello Hong Kong!

    I don’t know when it happened, but at some point in my late 20’s I went from loving airplanes to complaining about the awkwardness of the seats, confined quarters and the pain in my knees from sitting for too long. Before I knew it, I had become that annoying old guy who’s getting up to pee every five minutes and who does squats in the aisle. To be honest, I find it hard to sit through a three-hour movie these days! I can’t help it, but I’m delicate flower. And that’s why I insisted we breakup our return trip home […]
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  • Hong Kong: The Best Dim Sum & Tailoring

    Every man should have a shirt hand-tailored to their exact specifications at least once in his life. Yes, I know- this is textbook “things crazy privileged white people say,” and it isn’t actually high on the priority list (if on it at all) for a lot of men in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, skinny or fat, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should consider it. Because there’s nothing better than having a shirt or suit made to fit you and only you. It’s the fastest way to build confidence and […]
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  • Meet Mr. Bau aka “the Hong Kong Jew-eler!”

    Here’s a little recap of the Hong Kong layover so far…. Our first night in Hong Kong we had dinner at the Shanghai Gardens Restaurant in Admiralty and the meal was ginormous so we had to walk it off before going to bed. The next day we woke up feeling bloated and got fitted for tuxedos [bad idea by the way] before having another equally filling dim sum lunch with Louie the Hong Kong tailor, which we also had to walk off. You seeing a pattern here? Our three day layover in HK was quickly turning into one of those […]
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