1. Gaye Barnes
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    If you look carefully, you can usually find potato starch in the regular super market in the kosher section during the passover holidays. Whole Foods may carry it also. Alternately, after you’ve shredded the potatoes, if you let them sit in a strainer and push the moisture from the potatoes through the strainer with the pressure from your hand, at the bottom of the released liquid is a white powdery substance. This is the potato starch. Scoop that up and put that into your potato mixture. You’re right. It does help hold it together. I have learned a short cut that works for me. I buy frozen shredded raw potato’s and I defrost them. I make my latkes in the normal way but I do add a bit of potato starch to the recipe and they come out fine. I hope this helps.

    1. Eatsporkjew.com
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      Thanks for the genius tip! Using frozen, already shredded potatoes would be a huge time saver. I’ll try that next time for sure.