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You don’t have to be Jewish to have an opinion.

So whatever it is you have to say, say it!


We love to hear from our critics, “don’t we Eddie?” The toughest being our mothers. Oy!

By all means, email us your questions, positive (and only mildly negative) feedback, inquiries, etc. We’ll send a response if one is warranted.

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Attn: Philip Hall

1288 McAllister Street #202

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Photo usage requests?

There is more information about photography on Eatsporkjew about us page. Or you can email us with the subject line “Photo usage” and give us 24-48 business hours to respond.

Interested in our Tchotchkes?

No, that’s not a euphemism for….well, anything. We don’t just stuff our pie-holes and then go home and write about it. We also sell fun products with a sense of humor that help raise money for charities devoted to fighting world hunger. Find out more at our FAQs page, or check out the goods at our Tchotckes shop. We’re always coming out with new stuff, so join our mailing list (sign up on the top right of our site) and we’ll notify you of the next cool gift. Psst…we’ve got an awesome bagel-lovers t-shirt at the printers now!