1. Gaye Barnes
    Gaye Barnes at |

    Love you culinary tour through London, Paris and Brussels. Your pictures are fabulous and they make me want to pack my bags and join you there. Philip, you do have a way with words.
    xoxo Aunt Gaye

    1. philipandrewhall
      philipandrewhall at |

      we’ll have to discover our own culinary haunts in Florida!

  2. missmarlaneely
    missmarlaneely at |

    I was in Paris for a week a few years ago and ate their falafels TWICE. So so tasty! About once a month I still get a craving, and wish I wasn’t a 10 hour flight away. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

    1. Eatsporkjew.com
      Eatsporkjew.com at |

      with all this talking about it….I want to go back now!