The Tchotchke FAQs

What’s a Tchotchke?

Pronounced “chaw-ch-key,” these are trinkets or collectibles. Objects you’d buy on vacation when you need to get a gift for your coworkers and you’re about to board the plane home. Some little decorative thing you love and can’t seem to get rid of though it serves no practical purpose for anyone other than you (for that reason), and it’s not sellable on the black market. It’s a word you hear a lot of Jewish grandmothers say. New Yorkers, Jewish or not, use it all the time.


Guilt probably has something to do with it, Jewish guilt that is. Being as fortunate as we are to travel the world and stuff our mouths in the name of “food blogging,” we felt we needed a better justification if we were indeed going to continue. Because let’s face it, to revel in gluttony is nothing to write home about, and to continue at the rate we’re going, something good has to come of it. So naturally, when it came to finding some way to give back, it would be to those who don’t have the luxury of 3-6 meals a day like we do. And as foodies with a conscience, selecting MAZON as the recipient of our charitable donations just felt Hebrew-natural. See what I did there?

Whether it’s for yourself, a family member, or a friend who loves Jews, dig deep between the couch cushions and buy something! Our gifts make great stocking stuffers (seriously!), and are perfect for birthday presents, baby showers, a bris or baby naming, Hanukkah and any occasion really. Whatever you purchase, it will get us one step closer to a world without hunger, and just knowing that helps us (or at least me) sleep a little better at night.

We know it’s not much, but with your help we can make a difference. And to be honest, little bit of something is a better than a whole lot of nothing, right?

Why these products?

Because we think there awesome! In all seriousness, an idea pops into our head while we’re marching to the beat of our own drums, and then we make a few calls, find a few local artists, get a few quotes, and before you know it, we’ve got something we’re obsessed with, and figure some of you might be obsessed with this stuff too.

Make sure to  bookmark us or check back soon, because we’re producing new stuff all the time.

Are there any discounts?

Great question, and one I always ask. Not because I’m pushy or anything either, but because you’ll never know if there’s a discount unless you ask, right? Right! So the short answer is “yes.” EPJ offers discounts on products ordered in larger quantities. Doesn’t matter if it’s for resale or personal use, so contact us via email ( with the details of your order and we’ll work something out.