Working With Us

As a freelance writer and photographer with over a decade of marketing experience, I’ve had the great fortune to have met and worked closely with professionals across the culinary and tourism landscapes on projects spanning a variety of disciplines.

Below are some of the most common ways I help food, beverage, and hospitality brands tell their stories and connect with desired audiences. That being said, I’m always up for a new challenge and welcome the opportunity to discuss projects that fall “outside the box.”

Contact me to discuss your current content development, marketing and advertising needs, and we can determine if a collaboration makes sense.


Content Development

We (the universal we that is) develop content to tell stories. We tell them with images, 140 character tweets, articles, long essays, email blasts, infographics, and…well, I could go on forever…but we do it to create an emotional connection with the consumer of whatever content we’re putting out into the world.

As a professional storyteller (yep, that’s what I do for a living), I can work with you on developing content for whatever needs you may have. I typically work with advertisers looking for creative ways to market their food, beverage and tourism brands beyond the still photo in a print magazine. Let’s create an advertorial together. Or put a series of multi-faceted blog posts together that include photos, video, text and social media assets. As long as it’s related to food, beverages, hospitality and tourism, I can help you tell your story.


I spent ten years as the Director of Marketing for a Solar Energy company that was B2C and eventually just B2B. Along the way, I was an early adopter of marketing automation systems and have built out robust targeted marketing campaigns to support a wide variety of branding, lead gen, and direct sales goals. From trade shows and webinars to public relations, website design, SEO, direct marketing, and Ad Network buys, I like to support brands looking to gain exposure in new markets and grow their market share.


I’ve been shooting high resolution images of food, restaurants, hotels, and everything in between since getting my hands on my Canon Rebel Digital SLR in 2009. Restaurants, hotels, excursion providers, and wineries need photos from time to time. I’m often hired to provide them.  

Private Tour Guide 

I live in San Francisco and have a second home in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley where you’ll find some of the best pinot noir and chardonnay in the world. As a food and travel writer, I’ve done my research on the best places to eat, drink and be merry. If you’ve got a group interested in touring either San Francisco or wine country (Sonoma or Napa Counties), contact me to discuss a private curation of these areas. I can arrange travel to and from specific locations, arrange the stops and meals along the way with your priorities in mind. Email me today and let’s discuss your epicurean adventure. *Please allow at least 30 days notice to put a personal itinerary together.

Recipe Development

The one place I find I’m most happy is tinkering in the kitchen and I’d be more than happy to do it for you. Aside from developing recipes for various print and online publications, I can help develop ways to use a new ingredient, liqueurs or food products.

One of the fastest ways to launch a new F&B product, FMCG or CPG is to come out the gate with creative ways for consumers to use it. Let’s make it easy for your customers to fall in love with your products.   

Recipe Testing

Publishing a cookbook? Already published a cookbook overseas and hoping to publish it soon in the US? All cookbook recipes need to be tested before they go to print. Whether it’s feedback on challenging techniques and misleading explanation, or help finding replacement ingredients for those obscure items most home chefs won’t be able to get their hands on—think of me as your test kitchen.


With thousands of monthly page views, over 4,000 Instagram followers and growing communities on Facebook and Twitter, advertising with is an inexpensive way to reach a highly engaged audience of men and women (skews more towards women) ranging in age from 25-55 years old. Contact us to discuss sponsored content, run of site advertising space, or social media pushes. We can create an advertising package that works for your budget.